10 Simple Tips for Bonfire Night

November 03, 2020
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Animals and wild life are affected during Bonfire Night. Here are a few simple tips to help them to keep them calm and safe.


  1. Walk dogs during daylight hours to avoid times when fireworks are likely to be set off.

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2. Let them out for an early wee break before the fireworks are due to start. It would be an idea to have dogs on lead in the garden just in case as dogs have been known to get spooked and escape the fencing of their back gardens.

3. Keep pets safe and indoors once dark, as much as you possibly can.

4. Ensure cats and dogs are microchipped as they are more likely to bolt if spooked by a firework bang. Cats can escape outside if startled.cat flap

5. Create some safe and quiet hiding places around your home where your pet can feel in control. It’s important to not pester them whilst they are in their safe space or make them come out of it.

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6. Buy a long lasting chew for your dogs. Chewing/using their jaw releases calming endorphins.

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7. Play Brain Games /reward based training to take their minds off what is going on outside. Cats have also been known to enjoy hunting for food using these games.

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8. Stay with them if they are sticking close by. They could panic without your company so help them to feel relaxed.

Give comfort if pet seeks reassurance.Pets are extremely good at picking up on how their humans are feeling. So if you stay calm, they will be much more likely to stay calm too.

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Have a snuggle on the sofa (if they’re into that) and try to relax. Don’t punish them for cowering or reacting to the fireworks as this will intensify their fear

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9. Close windows and curtains to muffle the sound of fireworks

10. Put on some music or TV to mask the firework sounds


  • Consider bringing small animals indoors prior to Bonfire night.
  • Partly cover cages and pens with blankets to keep noise out and flashes hidden. It is advised to keep a little area uncovered so that they can look out.
  • Provide bedding for small animals to burrow into

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Other Useful links

Horses: fantastic advice is available on: https://www.bhs.org.uk/advice-and-information/potential-hazards/fireworks

Wildlife:  check out these websites.




Written byPaula Po

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