Puppy Mini Training Programme

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Puppy Mini training programme

Duration: 3 weeks

Length of sessions: 1 hour

Location: currently your living room (Zoom)

Our mini training programmes is designed especially with your pup in mind.

All puppy courses give you:

Access to online training community

Access to discounts for natural treats and chews, toys and equipment to help you to train your puppy.


Training is designed to be fun, engaging and to help to turn their struggles into strengths, whilst giving you the knowledge and confidence in how to help your pup.

Alongside training we also look at daily routine, diet, sleep and much more to learn as much as we can about the pups behaviour.


Struggles we have worked with include: jumping up, nipping, excitable barking, biting at feet or trousers, toileting, road walking, noises to name a few.

The struggles may not be too bad right now, let’s work with them whilst they are manageable before they become a bigger issue.


These 3 personalised sessions are recommended to structure your pups learning and to give you time to understand it, practise it and cement it.

If they are struggling with anything right now, it is important we take our time to work with your pup and not rush the process too quickly or expect them to be fixed after 1 session.


We work at your pups’ pace and ensure that we are doing the training right, building your pups trust, developing their confidence and alongside strengthening their bond with you they will be learning how to be super chilled and calm.

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We had a fantastic Zoom session on Mental Stimulation activities for our Ozzy with Paula today. We came away with loads of great ideas to get Ozzy using his brain. Paula is really knowledgeable.

Thank you Paula.

Julie and Ozzy

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