Canine Adventure Trails

A variety of fun packed daily dog walks.


Trails are fun and interactive sessions that provide an enriching and engaging experience for your dog. During their adventures, they will have lots of chances to practise their basic commands, sniff around their environment, play with their adventure buddies and enjoy playing lots of scent games to relax and calm their brain.

At the Meet and Greet, we will discuss your fur babies’ needs and tailor a package exclusively for you.

We specialise in bespoke premium canine packages. 

Once you become a regular “Trailer”, you become one of the family and are enrolled into our VIP “Club” where you will have access to exclusive benefits for all your doggy needs. 

Benefits include first priority on our canine adventures, exclusive use of our pet sitting service; whether for over night stays or for your day care needs, and first priority on our personal paws packages. 

Whether you need a canine adventure package, a holiday package or a pet visit package, we have you covered. We aim to ensure that your best friend is looked after when you can’t be there.

Please note that to be accepted into The Club will be by invitation only, once they have completed a registration and trial period. 

Mini Trails – for puppies and older dogs.

1 x 20 minutes adventure. 


Bespoke package ideal for a puppy or golden oldie that needs individual attention.


All will be tailored to your dogs individual needs.


Play will be specific to your dogs’ developing or ageing needs and geared towards their interests. All will be discussed at the meet and greet.


Collected from their own home to a chosen location.


Lots of  opportunities to reinforce and practise basic commands and recall.


Paws and belly rubbed down afterward.

Waggy Trails – a daily group walk.

1 x 45 minutes group adventure


Dogs are collected from their home in our Waggy Wagon and whisked away for a group adventure at an exciting Waggy Trail location.


All trails are for a maximum of 6 dogs.


Fun and Interactive adventure will include Find it games, Chase me, fastest sit and we will have lots of opportunities to reinforce and practise basic commands and recall.


Paws and belly rubbed down afterwards.

Spaniel Sniffari – extra long dog walk.

1 x 60 minute Spaniel Adventure.


On this exclusive service, your  spaniel will be collected from their home and whisked away to an  exciting Sniffari location.


Fun and Interactive adventure will include Find it games, Chase me, hide and seek, fastest sit, temptation alley, flirt pole, fetch it, tug of war and more games that are perfect for working breeds.


We will also have lots of opportunities to reinforce and practise basic commands and recall.


Paws and belly rubbed down afterwards.

Paula has been walking Rosie for over a year now, Rosie is a lively border collie/springer cross with loads of energy so it has been particularly challenging this summer with the heat. Paula has adapted walks and entertained Rosie with different games and play times to keep her occupied but comfortable in the heat. Rosie always happy with Paula who helped socialising her with the spaniels and other dogs.Rosie is always well looked after and I never need to worry about her whilst I am working as I know she is in safe hands.

Andrea & Rosie



How many dogs will be on the adventures?

Waggy Trails and the Spaniel Sniffari adhere to Local Council and Insurance rules which state there should be no more than 6 dogs on the adventure.  This allows for full supervision for safety, toileting and most importantly your dogs will have full access to fun and games on our adventures.

Mini Trails are designed to be an exclusive 1:1 adventure directly from your home. A bespoke package will be designed for their developing or ageing needs.

How long do the adventures last?

Times are dependent on the package you pick for your dog.  Your dog will be collected and dropped back home however the adventure time will only start once your dog is out walking.

Where will the adventures take place?

Our adventure routes are specifically designed to be away from the main roads and recall is practised throughout.   Some of our favourite routes are: Victoria Road Pinewoods, Larkhill Fields, St Lukes Church Pinewoods, West Lane Nature Reserve, Formby Beach (when Palm Oil-free), Deansgate Park, Dobbie’s Adventure Trails, Easedale Drive/ Fisherman’s Path route, and the variety of parks in Southport.

Are all the dogs friendly?

Please be assured that we only accept sociable dogs with no history of dog to dog aggression or dog to handler aggression. All dogs are assessed and undergo a trial period before they graduate onto a group adventure to ensure that the mix is right for your dog and for the other dogs in the group.  

Are dogs walked off lead?

Dogs can be walked off lead, if you have signed an off-lead consent form, AND if the dog has reliable recall. This will be assessed regularly on our adventures. Please note dogs will be returned to their lead as deemed suitable on their adventure route. I.e. encountering horses, roads, vehicles, groups of dogs that can frighten or over excite your fur babies.

Are dogs returned clean and dry?

Dogs like to explore and have fun. If the terrain is wet, or it is a wet day it is inevitable that they will  get wet and potentially muddy. We will do our best to ensure that they have been wiped down and towel dried as much as possible. If they have rolled in anything smelly, we do have a portable shower with diluted dog shampoo. Therefore we can do our very best to clean them up and dry them off. We will contact you if we have any concerns.

How much do you charge for your services?

Paula’s Pet Services is tailored exclusively to match your needs. A bespoke quote will be provided for you on request or after our Meet and Greet.  Full terms and conditions are available at the meet and greet.

How much notice do you need to book an adventure?

If you have completed an “application” form, and all paperwork at our initial meet and greet consultation you can contact us to book on to an adventure within  24 hours of the slot you require.

Please note that we can not start our adventures until all paperwork has been signed. 

Customers who have set days always take priority and other slots are filled on a first come, first served basis so the earlier you book, the more likely you are to get the slots you want. Full terms and conditions are available at the meet and greet.

Do you offer extra visits for feeds or vet prescription pick-ups etc?

Extra visits can be offered by appointment and as per availability. Check out our Perfect Paws Pet Visit section for a breakdown in options.  Full terms and conditions are available at the meet and greet.

Ready to book a fun packed dog walk?


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