Adult Dog Training

Positive Dog Training with Paula.

As part of all of our training sessions, you can make use of our online community, filled with videos, key tips and tricks.

Also you have access to trade discounts on natural treats, chews, toys and equipment to help you to train your dog.

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1-2-1 sessions

Your adult dog may be finding things a little difficult right now, or you may just want to recharge a few key skills in your home or out about on your walks.


We work at your dogs’ pace and work with the dog in front of us. Please understand that if your dog needs time and space to engage in training, then we won’t be able to rush that process. 


It is important that we build trust and understanding in your dog initially so that they know we are there to help and not to hurt them.


All methods of force free and positive and we will not be asking you to put your dog into a position where they are scared or see it as punishing.


It is important to develop their confidence in you and help them to know that there are positive choices that they can make. This will help to strengthen your bond if they feel they have that patience and space to grow and develop.


We normally advise for 3 personalised sessions to allow for your training to follow a plan, give you time to work on it and revisit and adapt where needed.

However if you would prefer a 1 off session, this can also be done but it is important to understand that you may not see results after 1 session.

The whole family are welcome to join in the training sessions and fun.

Currently training has moved online so if you need help now, why not book in a 15 minute initial chat.

Book a 15 minute free consultation.

I have an 18mth high energy cocker spaniel that has spent most of his adolescence under COVID lockdown rules and was missing out on socialisation and training.

On FB I found details of Paula’s Petservice’s that she provides a service of not only taking your fur baby on a trail walk but also tailored training alongside your training plan.

After an informal chat and an introduction assessment meeting to see if my cocker would fit in with one of the trail groups I signed him up for some adventures!

Paula ensured that from the beginning the trails were taken at his pace and the introduction to her van and the other dogs on a step by step scenario. She is constantly keeping up to date with training techniques and knowledgeable about dog behaviour and offers owners help and advice.

I had already implemented some training, but we still identified specific issues like barking, recall and heel work that Paula could help with, using training in the format of calming games and techniques including feedback videos from her sessions/trails for me to follow.

He is still learning and as we progress Paula revises our training plan, with successful results he is slowly learning to be a calm obedient dog.

Paula also offers a pet sitting service that I haven’t had occasion to use, but would definitely use in the future.

Suzanne and Harvey

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