Online Recall 1,2,3

Positive Dog Training with Paula.

As part of all of our training sessions, you can make use of our online community, filled with videos, key tips and tricks.

Also you have access to trade discounts on natural treats, chews, toys and equipment to help you to train your dog.

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Online Recall 1,2,3

This course is a 4 week online course, so you can learn all of these awesome training techniques from the comfort of your own home.


Week 1 is a theory lesson to teach you, the owner, the importance of recall. This session includes setting up your space for the sessions, importance of the reward and how it should be delivered, and the key mistakes owners can make which can teach your dog to ignore you.


Weeks 2-4 are jam packed with fun recall games for your dog to learn the value in sticking close by YOU, coming quickly when called, and to make YOU the fun in their walk. 


As a special bonus I am available for an extra session in week 5 to run through any games you need to consolidate, and to answer any questions you need to ask.

Duration: 4 weeks

Length of sessions: 1 hour

Location: Online on Zoom.

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This online group course teaches you:


The fundamentals of recall and why recall is important


What mistakes owners make with recall and how to teach a reliable recall


How to strengthen listening skills and focus in your adult dog


How to make recall an exciting experience to keep them close and increase anticipation


Lead work and how to combat pulling on the lead

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The training has been really helpful in providing techniques to work on recall.

Bailey is a 15month old Golden Retreiver and despite my best efforts has been exhibiting very little recall. He has really enjoyed the games and we have moved the recall training into the garden now so there is more distraction. He is responding well so I feel hopeful he will be able to have off leash walks in the future.

Paula has been really helpful with tips on how to work with Bailey, not just on recall.

I would highly recommend this course to any dog owner.

– Michelle and Bailey

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