NHS Keyworkers



You are doing an amazing job under these horrific circumstances and uncertain times.

I’d like to give back to the community for those that are in desperate need of help.

Do ALL of these apply to you?

*are you local to Formby, Ainsdale, Birkdale, Hightown.

*key workers/ NHS frontline who are on long shifts

*have no current dog walker

*have no family or friends living in the house, who can walk the dog

*have no one nearby who can walk the dog

Paulas Pet Services is offering A FREE solo walk service for your dogs.


Under current government guidelines, we are sticking to on lead road walks only for now, so your dog will not be driven to walk at this time.

Until further notice, 2 slots will be available each day.

We will be following the current government guidelines together with our own extra safety precautions.

We will be using single use sterile gloves, shoe covers and binning after use, and changing clothes and shoes in between services. Dogs will also have their own separate leads and towels.  All of which will be washed straight after use.

Your dogs’ fur and paws will be wiped down with sterile wipes and leucillin including collars, harnesses and any handles that we will need to touch to enter your home. All of our own equipment will be used other than your bespoke harness for their walk.

All can be explained further via a telephone/ video consultation, when we fill out your pet forms.

Message me direct or email on: paulaspetservices@gmail.com

No payment wanted or needed. If you want to do anything you can buy me a cuppa.


For Key workers with family at home, you will not be eligible but please feel free to get in touch for any games that your family can be playing to occupy your dog if they can’t get out and about on walks.


Formby L37

Freshfield L37

Ainsdale PR8

Hightown L38

Hillside PR8

Birkdale PR8

Southport PR8

Kew PR8

Churchtown PR9

Marshside PR9


tel: 07884 262 252

e: paulaspetservices@gmail.com