How To Improve Your Dog’s Recall

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Struggling to get your dog or puppy to listen to you?

Want to switch your constant calling to rapid recalls?


What is recall?

In a nutshell, recall is quite simply getting your dog to come back to you when called.

Why is it important?

Firstly, UK law states that you must be able to control your dog in public and private spaces.

Secondly, it’s super important that our pups and dogs enjoy sticking close by and see US as high value to them. Higher value than that dog in the distance, that lady holding a bag of treats, or that moving rabbit in the dunes. But this takes work. It means that we need to work hard on strengthening the dog’s relationship with us, not other people or other things.

This may sound ridiculous to some people.

What is wrong with your dog going off to greet another dog?

Well, what if that dog is aggressive, deaf, blind, blind or recovering from an injury? Your dog may not be greeted warmly and a “harmless” situation could quite quickly escalate into a fight.

What is wrong with your dog going to get a treat off another person?

What if your dog has an allergy and they have treats that can make them seriously ill?

What happens, god forbid, if they are dropping treats that are laced with something poisonous or sharp, like glass.

What happens if another dog is also jumping up for treats and that dog has resource guarding issues and takes exception to your dog being near them.

Yes I am talking quite extreme scenarios here, but they could all happen. They aren’t completely unrealistic.

Most importantly, why would you want to teach your dog that running off away from you is more rewarding and exciting than being with you?

A lot of us will have seen the infamous Fenton video chasing deer in Richmond Park. If you haven’t, here it is for you to watch:

As funny as it is on a very basic level, when you really look at it, the financial, legal and potential life threatening dangers presented in this video are very real.

If you have a dog who has a high prey drive, or chase instinct or you just want to practise recall in a safe and secure area, have you considered hiring your own private field?

In our local area, there are a number of private fields for hire that would be perfect to practise your training of recall.

Here are some in and around Southport:

  • Running Paws, Maghull – 3 Millbank Lane, Maghull, L31 9AT

Book using their Facebook page or

  • Sycamore Private Dog Field – Abbey Ln, Burscough, L40 7SR .

Book using their Facebook page or

  • Frog and Dog Secure Play and Training Field – Frog Lane, Ormskirk, L40 4BJ

Book using .

  • Doggy VIP Field, Brook Farm, Moss Side Formby

Slots for field can be booked online at

Please be sure to check the websites for each field, as they may be temporarily closed due to the weather.

If you struggle with recall on walks, or if your recall cues have become less effective over time and you’d like a quick refreshment, or are happy with your recall but would love to learn some exciting games to keep your dog’s focus and engagement,  THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU.

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If you want to make sure that your dog or pup:

  • Sees coming back to you as highly rewarding, not punishing,
  • is happy to be put on lead whether at the beginning, middle or end of a walk
  • wants to stick close to you and play with you on their walks
  • is happy to come back when called
  • will come away from dangerous situations on cue

I’m here to guide you and help to switch your constant calling to rapid recalls.

3 online

If you’re interested in our Online Recall 1, 2, 3 course, drop me a message and I can let you know the next date the course will be running. All dog breeds, sizes and ages are welcome

There is also a Puppy Recall 1,2,3 which will be a shorter session and more tailored to pups.

The courses will be run from the comfort of your own home via Zoom, which actually works quite well as your dog will have your focus and will not be distracted by me.

Don’t worry if you cannot attend at the exact time as recordings will be sent out to you together with course notes. These give you extra opportunity to follow clear step by step guides to each activity.

However if you can attend and actively train your dog alongside the course, then you will get maximum benefit, and lots of chances to ask questions.

If you’d prefer a more hands on session, or cannot attend the time of the course, let’s book in for 1-2-1 training.

Spaces are limited and are currently restricted to Zoom sessions and can later be taken to outdoor training only. (as per current government guidelines)

For all training needs, message me on:

Written byPaula Po

Hi, I’m Paula, and I’m a reward based dog trainer based in Southport, UK. I provide friendly puppy and adult dog training on a 1:1 basis, Online Recall training classes and Loose Lead training classes for puppies alone or as a mixed class for dogs of all breeds and ages, all using force free, science based methods. I love all animals and want to help as many owners as possible to get the best out of their pets.