5 key things to look for when searching for a local dog walker

November 20, 2019
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Have you got a new wonderful furry addition to your family? Are you starting to worry about how they will cope as you are starting to think about going back to work?

As the easing of lockdown starts, you may be looking to find a good dog walker in your local area.  From searching social media and the internet, you may already have a list of companies you want to contact. Before you do, check out this video to make sure they have these 5 key things in place.



It is so important that you know who you are leaving your dog with, so don’t be afraid to ask to see the important documents.



It is also a legal requirement during this time under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations, 1999, that your potential new dog walker is protecting YOU as their customer. Do they have a Covid-19 plan of action in place, including risk assessments, cleaning procedures, policies and procedures, a pick up and drop off plan?



I will be putting together a list of important questions to ask your potential dog walker in the next few blog posts. If you would like me to email these across to you, please message me on: Paulaspetservices@gmail.com

If you are looking for a dog walker and live in Sefton or West Lancs, I’d love to hear from you.

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