Slumber Trails

Dog & pet sitting in your own home.


You can rest easy knowing your pets are cared for in your own home whilst you are away. Their routine will remain the same.  As a regular customer to our service, your dog will know their group of friends and their adventure routine well.

Not only will your pet have regular exercise and mental stimulation, feeds, toilet breaks and sleep in their own bed with their own toys as usual, but your house remains secure, your post collected, your plants watered and bins put out on collection days.

You have complete assurance that your fur babies will have all that they need in the comfort of their own home.

Slumber Trails.


An overnight stay at your own home with your dog.
Includes 1 x Trail Adventure per day + TLC for your dog in the comfort of your own home.
Flexible slumber duration and service available to suit your individual needs.
By appointment only and subject to availability.

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Paula looks after our dog Maddie when we go away and has done for a few years now. Maddie has quite a lot of energy and has some minor issues from being a rescue dog but Paula handles her like a pro!

Not only this but Paula is so keen to learn about each dog, what they like and dislike, their personality types and so on.

We feel extremely comfortable allowing Paula to stay in our house whilst we’re away, she takes such good care of both the house and the dog. Paula is very approachable, understanding, caring and all round lovely person, I’d absolutely recommend her to anyone!

Jen & Maddie



Will you provide an overnight stay for anyone?

No, this is an exclusive service to Paula’s Pet Services customers and dogs must be using one of the Trails service at least 2 x per month to be valid for this service.  

Do you board pets in your own home?
No. At present we do not have the facility to home board. All pets will be cared for in your home, with their usual routine, environment and scents all around them.  We will customise a schedule to fit your pets’ needs so that they are happier and stress free whilst you are away.
Will you collect the key?
If the key is not provided at the meet and greet,  a trip charge of £10 will be applicable if we need to come and collect the key.

Please feel free to drop the key to Paula’s Pet Services address for no additional cost. Please ensure it is in a secure envelope with your pets name written on the front.

Will you pet sit my pet at short notice?
Yes on the following conditions:

*you are a regular customer of Paula’s Pet Services

* you have completed the registration documentation.

* the dates that you need are available.

Please note that for last minute enquiries, availability is not guaranteed.

Will you let me know how my pet is doing whilst I’m away?
Most definitely.  Your peace of mind is crucial whilst you are away. Pictures will be sent by whatsapp or email and, if given permission, pictures and messages will be posted on social media for you to see how your fur baby is doing.
Do you offer overnight stays in all of your service areas?
Our main service area is Formby/Freshfield however we do cover a number of different areas. A bespoke Slumber Trail package will be designed for you and your fur baby with all-inclusive quote.
What do I need to do to secure my dates?

No dates can be secured until you have paid a minimum of 50% non -refundable deposit.

As part of your all-inclusive quote, you will receive a breakdown of the 50% non-refundable  deposit amount and when the balance needs to be paid by (normally 6 weeks prior to your departure).

A full payment is required if your booking is within 6 weeks of your departure date. 

What is your cancellation policy?

The deposit is non-refundable on cancellation. 

*Please note if you cancel a pet sit outside of the 6 week cancellation period, payments made above the deposit amount, will be moved on to future pet sits. 

How will I get my keys back if I no longer need your service
Keys can be dropped off at your property. There is a trip charge of £10 for this service.

I would just like to thank you so much for looking after Miss P. I would recommend you to anyone to look after their pet, you have been a star. I’ve not worried about Peanut once. Thanks again Paula.

Kimberly & Peanut

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