Coronavirus COVID-19 Update

In the midst of the Coronavirus frenzy, please rest assured that at Paula’s Pet Services, it is business as usual with an extra clean twist.

There is no evidence to suggest that dogs or pets can catch the strain of COVID-19 that is affecting humans in this pandemic. However please let us know if you are showing symptoms and/or are self-isolating. Always seek professional advice if you are worried about your pets’ health.

Dogs will still be accepted on daily walks.

For those still going on their holidays, services will remain as planned.

If you are working from home and still getting paid, we would appreciate the service continuing as usual.

Cancellation policies are in place for anyone looking to cancel their service within 6 weeks of their planned dates. If cancelled outside of the 6 week period, services can be postponed until a later date. If unsure, please check your terms and conditions and feel free to contact to discuss further.

Here is what Paula’s Pet Services will be doing until the government advises us differently:

As the virus can be active on fabric for 6-12 hours, we will ensure that:

*Dogs have their own towels in their crates and to dry them off, and each towel is washed after use

*Dogs will have their own leads (provided by Paula’s Pet Services) and will only be used on one dog and washed after each use

* We will wash our hands with Leucillin/Hibiscrub/Similar (pet safe antiseptic) and pets will be sprayed also.

As the virus can also be active on metal surfaces for at least 12 hours:

*we will use single use sterile gloves when entering your property and shoe covers.

*dog tags will be washed after each use

*the van will be disinfected using pet safe cleaner at the end of each day

As the virus could be transferred via money, payment for services can be transferred to the bank account provided in your Terms and Conditions.

For anyone self-isolating, please let us know.

In this instance, the following will apply:

*Dogs will be collected avoiding close contact with owner. A secure porch, garden or space may be used to limit contact

* Dogs harnesses to be left near the front door and washed after each walk

*Single use sterile gloves will be worn

*dogs will be solo walked for the peace of mind for other owners

*The dog/s will not be transported in the van

*Paula’s Pet Services will wash their hands with soap/water or alcohol hand sanitiser before and after each walk (once gloves taken off)

*Towels used to clean the dog will be bagged and washed at the end of the day

*dog tags will be washed after each use

*Dogs will be sprayed using Leucillin/Hibiscrub/Similar after their walk

If you are infected, the advice from the World Small Veterinary Association (WSAVA) says to restrict contact with your pet until more information is known about the virus, including petting, snuggling, being kissed or licked, and sharing food. If you must care for your pet whilst you are ill, maintain good hygiene i.e. owners washing hands and using pet safe antiseptic on pet paws. If you are concerned about the health of your dog at any time, always seek professional advice.

We hope you are keeping safe and well during these uncertain times.  If you are not using our services during this frantic time, please keep in touch and send us lots of updates on your beautiful furry friends as we will miss their faces.

If you need any help with your pets, do not hesitate to contact us.

Paula and team x

Please do not hesitate to contact Paula with any questions or concerns, or to discuss your current booking.

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